Have Your Own Dream or Spend Your Life Making Someone Else’s Come True

Ownership is a wonderful thing. It cuts all the strings that connect your body, mind, time, resources, etc to another person who may be able to pull those strings and control you. If you do not own anything your happiness, peace of mind, convenience and welfare is subject to someone’s whims, failures or successes. For instance, if you are the kind of person who will always rent a house, you will pay someone’s else bond and help them to decide whether you should stay or go whenever they please. If you will always work for another person that means when they fail they take your livelihood from you, if the succeed, well good for you but it also depends on whether they are fair and want to share the fruit of that success with you. If they are confused they will take your life for a roller coaster ride. You are not in the driver’s seat of your life for as long as you need someone else for something to go well in your life.

have your own dream, life lessons with chipo mutibvuWe can’t all own businesses or own houses. It would naive to think that if we write enough blog posts, post enough motivational quotes everyone would be motivated into doing it but a dream does not always mean a title deed or company registration certificate. Even if you work for someone else you can be free by making sure that you have the freedom to leave if there is ever a need. If you are holding onto a company for dear life because you know that you are there out of pity and no one else will have you then it’s time for you to do something about it. Own your own destiny so that if an employer no longer meets your needs you can move onto something else that will further your growth. Your happiness should be tied to your abilities and your goals not to who pays your salary. Be so skilled at what you do so that if you fall no matter where or how you land you will be fine.

Have your own dreamsI like that quote from Einsten but I must admit certain “things” do make me happy lol. Ultimately the point is do not place your destiny in someone’s hands. If you find yourself praying that someone will see your worth, acknowledge your abilities and give you a voice to speak, you are probably not ready to really be happy. Free yourself, You Live Only Once!!!