Secret diary of a Christian whore entry #2

life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu

Dear diary

Wednesday again. Oh how I wait to come here and unload my baggage and not have to see people looking at me funny. When I write to you dear diary, I imagine you are a great listener who says, “Speak my friend, nothing is too much for my ears to bear.” So as I write this, I imagine I am talking and you are listening and you will still love me no matter what. The joys of being a Christian, I have thousands of people that I see every Sunday and hundreds that I see during the week. To be among so many ‘friends’ and yet feel so alone. How do I say that I have been drawn into a sinful pattern that I just can’t get out of? How do I say that its like quicksand, the more I fight to get out the deeper I sink. How do I say that most times I enjoy my sin and look forward to it? How do I say I want to be good but being bad feels so much like a sweet and sour sauce, it’s nice with that zing that reminds me that I shouldn’t be doing it but sweet enough to keep me having more. No, I have to keep writing to you dear diary, you are the only one I can be naked and unashamed with.

Today, I had to find a place to hide and write this. I am hiding from Anthony. The cute guy in our Praise and Worship team who wants to date me. He has told Pastors E and R about it because Pastor E is the PLife lessons with Chipo Mutibvuastor in charge of all church matters and Pastor R is the choir leader. We are encouraged to involve church leaders in our relationships so that they can give us Godly counsel. Today I knew he had an appointment to speak to Pastor E during his lunch break. He has to go through a few counselling sessions where he is asked about his intentions with me and is advised on how to handle everything in the right way. Once they are satisfied that his intentions are noble and that he has the maturity to date they will ask the female pastors to speak to me. If I agree to date him and they are satisfied that I have the maturity for it they will give their blessing and we can start hanging out. But we can only see each other in the precence of a third party, just to make sure that we don’t get tempted to fall into sin. Today, as always, Anthony will obviously want to have a glimpse of me before he leaves. So he will come to my desk and says hie, sometimes he brings something nice like a chocolate, the poor guy. For the life of me I cannot understand why I can’t just love a humble young man like that and settle down like other ladies in the church. Anthony is not bad looking at all and he has a good job, something to do with IT I think. He has no money to speak of yet but with time I’m sure he will build himself up and be very successful. And yet, here I am, hiding from him because being with him will compromise my treacherous relations with the men of the cloth. I guess I am just tired of waiting for the day that God will bless me. I know that Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” I just feel like “due season” has taken too long. I am not getting any younger so there are certain things that I have to go out there and “reap” for myself.

I always tell young girls in my church to trust God’s timing. They look up to me and they hang onto every word I say. I always encourage them to keep their legs together until they get married and they can have all the sexual adventures they want with their husbands. They usually ask me to be in their bridal teams when they tie the knot. They want to see the day I get married because they say a humble, beautiful and righteous lady like me deserves a great guy. Many are rooting for Anthony to win me. There are several guys who would want nothing more than to marry me. I am the symbol of a perfect woman of God at my church. Guess who else is rooting for Anthony?, none other than Pastor R!! Like really??? He says me being in a relationship with Anthony will be a good cover for us because people will not wonder who I have in my life that’s stopping me from having a relationship. On the one hand I like that he is so clever in his thinking but on the hand I am sad that he is not jealous. Wouldn’t he be sad to see another man claiming me? A part of me wants him to be mad and to forbid me from having anything to do with Anthony. But then again I am not his, am I? I signed up for 45 of so minutes of hot steamy sexual episodes with him and that’s all. I mustn’t let my heart be fickle. I promised myself that hearts will not be involved in this, only bodies, and I must stand by my word.

Pastor E seems unhappy about it. But then again what do I care, I wouldn’t want that sweaty, one-minute-man anyway. I guess we, human beings, have this irrational desire for things we can’t have.

Anyway, let me not continue with these thoughts because I really don’t want to spend the rest of today feeling bad about what I do. Last week, I wrote my entry when I was dashing to the shops for snacks. I came back to find the office full of women who were preparing to go for some church conference. There was a lot of admin to be done. I saw E furiously working through the paperwork. I could see that he was getting restless as the time drew closer to 4:30 because the Missus  would come to pick him up and he wouldn’t get any of me. Part of me almost found it funny. The only thing that stopped me from laughing inside every time he looked at me with a desperate eye is the fact that I actually needed that one minute of passionless pounding because I needed money. A girl’s got to eat, right? Well, the women did not leave and they were in such high spirits, making jokes with him and him forcing himself to laugh while trying to keep the fire that was growing in his pants under control. The poor guy started to sweat more than usual. They finally left at the time that he was supposed to leave too. He just placed his bag on my desk and gave me a signal to put them in his bag. “them” meaning my panties. Sometimes sniffing “the scent of a woman” is all he can do to quench part of his thirst. Thanks to the fact that his wife never really pays attention to him so she would not take his lunchbox from his bag like some women do so that she can put his lunch for the next day. She does not really touch anything of his so she would not find my naughty little gift to her husband. Just as well he took them away, I was going to remove them anyway and wear lace for Pastor R. I didn’t get any money that day from E, there was no time. We did make up for it though the next day. He pounded furiously,  out of the previous day’s frustration. I dare say I even felt a tickle that was almost building up to sexual pleasure but as usual, he finished too quickly.

So, about Pastor R. Oh is he a man and a half! He smells divine and there is something about his hands that just drives me completely out of my mind. Even during choir practice when he is conducting, I sometimes get lost in watching his hands. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he is so good with them. I mean, he knows how to play me like that Spanish guitar that Toni Braxton sings about. Then again it’s not just his hands that he uses well, it’s everything. Damn, how do some women get so lucky? Just the thought that Mrs R gets all that whenever she wants is unimaginable, I would lose it completely. That one weekly session has my head spinning for a couple of days. Sometimes when I’m with E in the storeroom I just imagine being with R and the experience feels better.

Last week I wore the lace panties and R saw that I was trying him. He knew what I was asking for. Didn’t he just tear them up and lifted me like I was lightest girl on earth and shoved me against the wall! I had sort of expected him to say something like why did you wear them but no, there were no words. I just puts my legs around his waist and welcomed him all in. He dug his fingers into my flesh deeper than was necessary to keep me up. He thoroughly punished me as he went back and forth with full force as if he was trying to drive me right through the wall. I welcomed my punishment with all its pain and pleasure. When he was done he didn’t let me down gently either. I had to find my own balance and had to take a minute to let all muscles come together after having legs apart and someone between them for so long. Oh yes, with R I always need recovery time. Even later during choir practice my body will be singing its own song. Last week I also had to go commando to choir practice because E took my one pair of undies and R tore up the other. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if judgement day suddenly came during choir practice and I had to go and face my creator with nothing under my skirt. I am really ashamed, yet I can’t stop.

After our session, during afterplay R told me that he would be away the following week, meaning today. He is away for some days on some romantic nonsense with his wife for her birthday. I wonder what he sees when he looks at me. I mean, the man is still resting from what he just did with me while he is telling me about his going away with his wife. I think this marriage thing is overated sometimes. He gave me more money than he usually does. I guess it was just a little compensation for not being able to see me the following week.

So there is no R today. Guess who leads choir practice when R is away? Anthony! What is it with me and these church leaders? So I am hiding from him now but I will be seeing him later. For now, I have to prepare for a storeroom session with E when Anthony leaves. He will have a bit of fire in him after speaking about me with Anthony. At least he gets jealous so I will try to make it nice for him.

Will my life always be about being a little happy that a married man is jealous of me? Or stolen moments with them and never be able to hold their hands in public? Must I just take Anthony and live on the straight and narrow and hope that he will satisfy me half as much as R does? Will I be happy with the honest life? Who knows. I guess one day at a time will have to suffice for now. And storeroom session for today it is…

Till next time…


5 Life lessons I learnt about Christians after posting “The secret diary of a Christian whore”

Being a writer is an exciting “super power” because I spend a lot of time getting into the psyche of everyone of my characters that I write about if it’s a work of fiction. I also try to get into the mind of the potential reader and try to see what they see in their mind’s eye when they read what I write. So yesterday I posted the first entry of “The secret diary of a Christian whore.” I thoroughly enjoyed bringing all the characters to life and creating the scenes in a way that evoked different kinds of reactions. I was not completely surprised because reactions to situations is something that I watch closely daily, it gives me perspective into the way people think and it gives me more writing material. So, let me go into lessons learnt;                                                                                                                                     Secret diary of a Christian whore

  1. Fellow Christians are the first to throw you in the blasting furnace of hell before God even decides what He wants to do with you. I really “went there” in the first diary entry. I talked about the things that are an abomination and “should
    not be spoken of.” I even got someone so mad that they removed the post from a Google plus Christian community. A guy said he will remove my post and prays that “God convicts me” for my sins. My my my, that was quite the response. Of course I just laughed and explained my post to the person. I laughed because God does not act on your prayer to Him to “convict” someone. He acts according to what He sees in the person’s heart. And as Christians, should we not be praying that a person get forgiveness and guidance from God instead of conviction?
  2. Our instinct is to run away from ‘sinners’ so that they don’t ‘contaminate us’.  I put sinners in quotes because we label people before we even understand fully what’s going on. I didn’t get one message from a concerned Christian brother or sister asking me why I was committing these filthy sexual sins or asking me if, in fact, the diary was even real or a work of fiction. But even if it was real, should we not show love when we see that someone is losing their way and at least try to make them see the path of righteousness?
  3. When we share the word of God, we want sin to be neatly packaged in modest words so that no one gets upset. I get that not many people like to see or read graphic sexual material. “It’s too dirty. It’s unChrtianlike. It’s for shameless Delilahs out there who have never been taught to express themselves with decorum.” Well, guess what else is dirty? Sin. Sin is filthy and utterly disgusting. Saying to someone, “you should not let your eye stray” is neat and modest right? It does not upset those who easily get offended. It talks about sin in a very lovely way. “Don’t let your eye stray.” In my opinion, sugar-coating sin just hides the horrific nature of the actual act. We have all watched the news and they will start off by saying hundreds pf people have been left homeless by floods. It is sad, yes, but how much worse does it get when they then show images and videos of the actual destruction of the homes, and we see people crying and looked horrified. It is at that point that many are moved to do something to help because they have seen for themselves just how bad the situation is. “We really can’t put whore and Christian in the same sentence!” Are we really going to sit here and pretend that things like this don’t happen in church? This diary is graphic and it will continue to be so because sin is graphic and filthy and I believe in telling it in the disgusting way it happens. I do respect the views of those who don’t agree though.
  4. Many Christians out there who want to get right with God are too ashamed to ask for help from fellow Christians. I slept at 5 am this morning. I was chatting to someone who read my post and they told me that reading the post reminded them of the sins they have committed. They are worried about judgement day and that their prayers may not be enough. I was really touched by it. We had a lovely conversation and then actually prayed for each other. As Christians, we have become so “righteous” that we are scaring away people who may actually want to learn more about God and have a relationship with Him. When people hear our comments, it makes them feel too dirty to even face God with their sin. Where is that Christian love that opens its heart and arms to people, no matter what they have done and says to them, “It shall be well, we can pray together and let God take charge.”
  5. Ultimately, we are all just ordinary people, wanting desperately to do right but we don’t know which way to go. Yes, I have used the words of one of my favourite song. John Legend sings it well. We really are just ordinary people. All of us. No matter what positions we hold in church or in society. People sometimes become bad because they are tired of doing right and they feel like there is no reward for it or they have been told so many times that they are bad so, self-fulfilling prophesy, they just become bad. They feel being bad is easier. They don’t really have anyone to walk them through the hardships of being good. Even the ones that are “not sinning” are also just ordinary people, they also don’t know the way to behave around those that they consider “sinners.

I do welcome different types of views though. Watch this space for next week’s saucy entry #2 if you have the stomach for it. I hope you get as much edutainment as I am getting from writing it. God bless ‘yall.

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Secret diary of a Christian whore. Entry #1

life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu

Oooooh I’m just getting warmed up my brothers and sisters. I feel like preaching to somebody!” He takes off his jacket and the congregation cheers. “Let’s turn to our Bibles for a minute. The book of Hebrews, Chapter 13 verse 4 says, ‘Let marriage be held in honour among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.’ Brothers and sisters isn’t this clear? The Bible says, GOD WILL JUDGE THE SEXUALLY IMMORAL AND ADULTEROUS! How disgusting is it to see married men and women opening the door for the devil to come into their marital beds? Some of them are sitting right here and shouting, AMEN.” By this time half the congregation is on its feet, hands in the air and shouting, “Amen Pastor, you tell ‘em Pastor!”

If you are married and are messing around with someone else, repent today, if you are single and messing around with a married person repent today, if you are having impure, adulterous thoughts, repent today, I say REPEEENT,REPEEEEEENT, REPEEEEEEENT. Can I get an Amen somebody!!!!” By this time he is sweating profusely and everyone in the congregation is on their feet shouting Amen and jumping up and down, some are crying and saying “Yes Pastor yeeees”.

This is just one of many sermons that Pastor E preaches on how sacred marriage is. Every time he preaches everyone jumps to their feet with excitement, there is usually not a dry eye in the congregation when he preaches because he seems to have such a powerful word that gets to the very core of their souls. They always refer to him as ‘a mighty man of God.’ His word, especially about marriage, is more powerful than any other preacher’s at our church.

Well, I have said that the congregation knows Pastor E as a mighty many of God. I know him as something completely different. Like everyone else, I have seen him sweat profusely, but I have seen him sweat during completely different activities to preaching on the pulpit. Please feel free to judge. I would judge too if this was someone else. I have absolutely no defence for what I’m doing. It was wrong when I started and it’s still wrong today. In fact, I think it gets even “wronger” with time because I know more of the Bible now than I did when I started. I have tried to find life lessons with Chipo Mutibvupassages in there that I could use to explain away my sins but there is absolutely nothing that says this is ok. I have decided to make entries each Wednesday because this is when I feel filthier than any other day. It is when we, the Praise and Worship Team, fast and pray during the day and then have choir practice in the evening. I also need to keep a diary because it is the only place I can express my feelings and experiences without being judged. I cannot talk to a friend about this like normal women do because I need to protect the men involved in my scandals. Their downfall would be mine too because everything I have; my flat,  car, upkeep and my little sister’s school fees is paid for by “the church”. I really want a place in heaven one day bufor the time being I feel that a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Speaking of what I have to do, or in this case who I have to do, today I have to do Pastor E. Yes, the same Pastor E who was talking about sexual immorality and defiling the marital bed. He works fulltime at the church office and so do I. I work as a secretary there so we spend all day everyday together. That in itself is not a temptation because there are always people coming for prayers or to buy stuff that we sell such as religious books and greeting cards, etc. We actually have to steal time to attend to desires of the body. Actually it’s just desires of his body because mine doesn’t desire him at all. I just have to go along with it because there is more to be gained by keeping him satisfied than by being morally right.

His wife does not enjoy him in the bedroom so she develops some kind of illness every time he wants to get it on with her. I understand why she doesn’t want to sleep with him. He has absolutely no clue about how to get a woman excited. To me he usually just says something like, “Go in there and get ready for me.” He says it without even looking up from whatever work he would be busy with. “In there”,  meaning the storeroom and getting ready meaning I should take off my undies and wait for him. He talks like a doctor about to do a physical exam on a patient. When we are doing a storeroom session, he just comes in and I turn around and bend over. It’s the same thing daily anyway. I am glad I don’t have to face him, he is always sweaty, I used to think it was a pulpit thing only because he is so passionate about the word. But now I see that it’s just the way he is.

I am happy that the little storeroom is a bit dark so I can’t see the stack of Bibles and other religious books that my face is stuffed into for that minute or so that he lasts. It’s so very mechanical, in and out, in and out and a couple of seconds later, it’s all over. I always try to make him feel like has done a great job, especially when I’m broke. The greater he feels, the more money he gives. As soon as I feel his sweaty touch I automatically go, “oooh yes, yes daddy, oooh ya ya.” I have to make sure I start to say that early though because, as I said, he lasts for about a minute. After we finish he usually hands me a couple of bills. Like I said, the amount depends on how great he feels about the job he has just done on me. After that, he dashes out because his wife comes to pick him up so at 4:30 daily, she waits for him by the church gate.

On Wednesdays, soon after Pastor E leaves, I clean up quickly and wait for Pastor R. He leads choir practice. It starts at 6 and he usually comes at around 5 so we can have some time to ourselves before everybody else comes. Pastor R, now that’s a man who knows how to treat a woman. No wonder his wife always looks happy. He wants everything clean because there is a lot that we get into. Today I will wear lace panties for him. He banned me from wearing lace because that’s what his wife wears. I admire the way he loves and respects his wife, even in her absence. I want to press his buttons by wearing lace so that he gets mad. When he is mad, he goes all 50 shades of grey on me and I do love a rough session sometimes. Just writing about him is getting me excited but I can’t go on. I have to run out and buy snacks for the team for when we break our fast. I used to buy them after 4:30 but since I started “playing” with Pastor R I need my time after 4:30 with him. More about Pastor R next Wednesday … 

Ladies, should you keep your virginity for marriage or is it lame and unrealistic?

life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu, saving yourself, should you keep your virginity

If this was a strictly Christian blog I would be quoting Bible verses already. But I know that I have readers from all religions and some that are not religious at all, so I will speak to everyone. Things are only as important as you want them to be. Whatever you think is important to YOU, is what is important. The fact that someone else may not agree with you doesn’t matter. You have  to be honest with yourself and make decisions that you are able to live with comfortably later. If you are not sure what the best thing to do is, rather wait, because once you have swiped that card, it cannot be unswiped. If you want to carry out an experiment on yourself, cut your hair because it will grow back. Don’t go chopping your arm off to see what will happen because that has permanent repercussions. You can take your time to decide exactly what you want and then do it for the right reasons. BUT if you want to do it before marriage and are convinced that it is the right thing for you, more power to you.


If you went through high school and university/college still a virgin, you may have been a target for people who thought that waiting is old-fashioned and lame. The older you get without having sex and you are still single the more the world believes that you are probably single because you won’t “give it up”. They may have said this to you or to someone in your presence concerning saving yourself:

  • You will never find a man who wants to date you and not have sex.
  • It’s old-fashioned, nobody cares about that anymore.
  • Hey, virgin Mary, you are missing out and it won’t even matter that you saved yourself when you get married.
  • Not having sex makes you uptight, you need to “get some” to loosen up.
  • Men want experienced women so your virginity will work against you.
  • Having sex is the real mark of “womanhood”.
  • You haven’t lived until you’ve had sex.
  • You need to sample the goods before you buy.

life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu, saving yourself for marriage, virginity, lame or unrealistic


As I mentioned before, there is no right or wrong, there is what is important to you and what will ultimately make you live comfortably with your decision. There are some reasons, however, that have the potential to hurt you.  For instance;

  • Your reason should not completely be about pleasing a man or anyone else. Some may abstain to please parents or in-laws, etc. The reason for this is that you may expect gratitude or admiration from these people and never get it. You cannot control what other people think or feel, so they may not act according to what you expected and that will break your heart. And don’t use it as a marketing tool for being marriage or dating material. If people don’t find it as appealing as you thought it would, that may hurt you. If you do decide to wait until marriage, you obviously want it to be with someone who understands your reasons for waiting. Don’t be with a man who makes you feel silly for waiting and makes you constantly live in doubt of your decision. If he cheats on you and blames it on the fact that you haven’t been giving it up, show him the door.
  • Don’t abstain thinking that you will enjoy it more than you would have if you hadn’t waited. There are many factors that affect the experience and these factors differ from person to person. You could wait for a very long time and still not enjoy it when the right time or person finally comes. BUT for some people just the fact that it’s finally happening at their right time with their right person puts them in a mood and mind space to experience it better than they would have if they had done it with conflicting feelings. Bottom line; don’t think that the fact that you waited will automatically make the experience mind-blowing for you.
  • Don’t “save yourself” simply because the Bible says so and on the other hand, everything in you is already “doing it” and you only stop at the hymen. Abstaining because you want to do what the Bible says is about understanding the whole concept and understanding that it is about more than just breaking your hymen. You should also be abstaining in your thoughts and some practices that may not be penetration but are still not encouraged in the Bible. Find out what abstinence in the biblical sense is about, then do it right.
  • Don’t wait because you want to be purer than those who have already had sex. Again, don’t make this about other people. Make this ONLY about you. If you feel that waiting keeps you pure and you like that idea, then wait. Don’t wait to be “purer than” anybody. Also, don’t wait because all your friends are waiting. Have your own reasons that have nothing to do with anyone.
  • Don’t base your decisions on what American movies say. I don’t even need to explain this for too long. You know it’s all fiction and Hollywood is in America. If you are not American, then best believe, American ways will not work for you. Even if you are American, like I said, it’s all fiction, after that sex scene the director says “cut” and everyone goes back to their real lives.

I have focused mainly on women who want to wait because novels and movies have already done enough on showing that there is no reason to. This is to remind women who do want to wait that you are not crazy and your reasons are valid, whatever they are. On the other hand, some women test-drive a few models before they settle for the one they’ll bed forever, hey, different strokes for different folks!

Happy waiting or not-waiting to you all and remember to do what you do for you. Tie your happiness to a goal, not to people.

Before you make that sex tape, here’s some advice

life lessons with chipo mutibvu, sex tapeI cannot believe that after all the hype about sex tapes leaking I still hear about people crying over leaked sex tapes. People make sex tapes for many different reasons. Some people just want to record the moments, kinda like the way we record a child taking their first steps. These are precious moments to be kept in an archive somewhere for when you want to reminisce sometime in the future. Other people do it because they want to see themselves in action so that they see what they do right and what they do wrong, kinda like the way any sports person watches previous games to see where they need to improve. Then there are people who think, well it sped up the process of being known for Kim Kardashian and people like Pokello Nare so why can’t I do it, hopefully I will make it to Big brother or some other reality TV show. Some people say bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. When it finally goes public it’s difficult to tell why people did it because everyone swears that they do it for their own private reasons.

Now, here is what I would like to say to anyone who is planning to make a sex tape;

sex tape, it will go public, life lessons with chipo mutibvu

  1. It WILL go public. I’m going to take a long time with this one so bear with me. If your intention is for it to go public like I mentioned above then don’t worry, Watsapp users will do their very best to circulate it for you. If, however, you want to do it because the two of you always have so much fun between the sheets (or wherever it is that you guys get it on) and you just want to capture the moments for the two of you, all I can say is, look at how many people have been saying the same thing after their tape goes public! I am not saying let’s now live in fear because there are people out there who have nothing better to do than humiliate other people. What I’m saying is that in the world we live in today, there is very little that stays private. I’m always amazed when I get a new phone that it retrieves some information that I thought was long gone. There are tech nerds who can restore ANYTHING that was deleted. And then there is this thing of stuff going on a cloud when you save it. This means somewhere up there the universe is watching you and it has a very sharp memory. So my point is someone is usually bound to see it whether you like them to or not.                                                                                                                                                                                               Besides technology betraying you, if you are making a sex tape, especially with someone that you are not married to, what guarantee do you have that one day you will not piss them off and they will use this tape against you? You don’t know if your relationship will last forever and if you ever break up you don’t know whether the break up will be a peaceful one or not. So if you make a sex tape with someone, you are always going to pray that they don’t send it to anybody one day when you piss them off. And it’s not just when you piss them off, sometimes people get talking with friends and they may get excited and may want to share. You share with one person and ask them not to show anyone, best believe they will share with one other person and ask them to delete immediately, and the chain goes on and on until it reaches your relatives or your bosses etc. Or it may be one of those things where you show a friend something on your phone and after they are done watching they scroll around and land on your “private stuff”. A friend asks to use your laptop and they end up opening that stuff, and then you think they will keep it to themselves? They say sex sells because people always get excited when it comes to things that are related to sex. So I no longer feel sorry for people who say it was supposed to be private because we have seen this going wrong so many times that you should have learnt your lesson by now. Maybe do it with a spouse, a spouse will respect you enough to keep your dignity. And people already know that the two of you are getting it on anyway. But even in that situation it may go south if the wrong people get their hands on that tape.
  2. Unless you want a career in showbiz you might mess up your future. How many beauty queens have been asked to give back their crowns because a sex tape or nude pictures of them have gone viral? Careerwise, it’s difficult for people to disassociate you with the sex tape you made even if it was a million years ago and just hire you to be a teacher, for instance, or a nanny or brand ambassador for something. Of course these days reality TV shows feed off controversy so that is why Farrah Abraham was taken back to do Teen mom again, Pokello went to Big Brother and Kim Kardashian is in her family TV show. Of course these women have other things going for them and they are beautiful and decent people but I honestly got to know some of them through the sex tape scandals. People watch some of these shows to see the sex tape chick and want to get to know what sort of person they are. Its showbiz anything goes! People show up on the red carpet naked and they break the internet. So if you are aiming for that industry then go ahead and make as many sex tapes as you can, the more controversy there is around you, the more popular you become. There will always be those people that rally behind you and become your fans, so it pays. BUT  as I said if you want any other type of career where people generally keep their clothes on, then don’t do it. One day you may want to run for president, that will not look good on your CV.
  3. If decide to do it, make it classy. If you are adamant that you want to go ahead and make that tape at least take a shower and do some landscaping down there and then do it in a room that doesn’t look cheap. I don’t make sex tapes myself but if I were to do it, I’d give the best performance of my life. That way if the tape goes public, and we have already said it will, people will say ah well, at least she is good in bed and she keeps herself clean. But I have seen these people who have become fashion icons and they are always looking on point but underneath all the nice clothes they are probably carrying ticks in the forests between their legs and they just lie there like a person in a comma during the act! Move your hips, do something for pete’s sake, you are on camera after all!! For guys, make sure your equipment is good enough for public viewing. I have seen some that look like those mosquito coils, it goes round and round they constantly have to uncoil it to put it in. Geez, why the hell would you want that to be out there. Yes, be proud of who you are no matter what you look like but sometimes it’s not necessary to expose certain things that God naturally put in a place where it doesn’t have to be seen.
  4. Ladies, make sure he shows his face too. I have no idea why many women are usually  the only ones who show their faces in sex tapes. I have seen a video where a couple is on Skype and the guy asks the girl to show her southern regions. She does and he is recording it with this phone so the girl can see that he is recording. If he just wants to see why can’t he just ask you to show him? Why does he have to have a record of it on his phone? Am I now expected to feel sorry for this girl because the guy was immature and he showed his friends? Yes these people who publicise your private moments are immature but you have to be mature enough to know that the world is full of immature people and you have to protect yourself against them.

life lessons with Chipo mutibvu, sex tapeAll in all, I am not saying that it is wrong to make a sex tape but if you do, be ready to face whatever consequences that will follow. I live in a dangerous country and I know that I have every right to walk around at any time of the day or night. It’s my right, yes. but walking alone at night will most probably result in me being raped, robbed and/ or murdered. Is it right that these people should murder me?, absolutely not but that’s what happens so I protect myself by never walking around alone at night. So, it’s your right to make a sex tape, is it right that people should circulate it without your permission?, absolutely not but that is exactly what usually happens. So think about it carefully. Be ready to hear and see comments from people.  People will comment on it and don’t think that it’s because they are jealous of you and want to be you but because this kind of thing just gets people talking. I have a very nice video camera and if anyone wants to borrow it, let me know.  More power to you. Do you and live the life you want. Who knows maybe that’s your ticket to the good life.

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