And the Oscar goes to…jail again!

Oscar gun

Remember when you were young and you misbehaved and got punished, but then your mom decided the punishment was a little too chilled for what you had done and she punishes you again? Well I don’t know if that ever happened to Oscar Pistorius when he was young but he’s definitely getting a taste of it now. The guy was sent to the naughty corner for not playing nice with his girlfriend Reeva Stenkaamp. The State awarded him with a little 10 month vacation to the “inside”for him to check out what is going to be his home for the next decade or more. They were like, “Osy remember when we said what you did was bad? Well, we’ve thought about it some more and we decided it wasn’t just bad, it was really really really really bad. You should play nice with others. You don’t kill girls when they come to your house for a sleepover. So we are putting you back in the naughty corner so that you can think about it some more. Ok?”

This is not in any way a happy thing. No matter how long Oscar goes to jail the fact is that nothing will ever bring Reeva back. But really sending someone for less than a year for killing another person was not a good precedent, it was simply unfair. Another thing that made it worse was the fact that Oscar had been known to just whip out his gun for no reason (at a traffic stop, at a restaurant…), the argument that he felt vulnerable because of his disability didn’t hold water. He clearly showed that he just didn’t realise that guns were not toys and he is the one who scared people instead of the other way round. This is not a scared man who felt he had to protect himself and his girlfriend, this is a man who had gone on for too long doing whatever he wanted without getting into trouble for it because of his fame maybe or whatever the reason. People are going to jail for killing cats these days and he gets to walk free after killing a human being? So, even if it was an accident, he needs to take a timeout (a long timeout) and just at least feel bad, mourn her, pause his own life and interests for some years seeing as Reeva’s life and interests are permanently shut down, just really think about everything that has happened and get to spend time with other people who have done bad things intentionally or accidentally. South Africa needs to stop being the place where rich people come to kill their women and walk free.

Oscar should be happy that his conviction took place now, look at OJ, karma got him and still put him behind bars after he had unfairly escaped a murder charge. Let’s just hope that whatever sentence he gets he actually serves instead of it being suspended because of this, that and the other. Reeva’s death was not suspended, she was permanently silenced. If it had been been a burglar their life would have ended too and they would never had been given a second chance to turn their life around and be better. So Oscar will get a second chance, but after more than a decade of a timeout. It’s not a death sentence, so he should accept it just as the Steenkamps have to accept their daughter’s death.


Secret diary of a Christian whore. Entry #9

life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu. secret diary of a secret whoreDear diary

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I hate cliches but in this case the cliche fits. I can’t stop watching and re-watching this video. Who would have thought that so soon after I had decided to live a righteous life that 2-minute man would have replaced me with an old woman who probably dried up before I was even born! I mean seriously, what did she see in him and what did he see in her? For some stupid reason I actually thought Pastor E’s wretchedness was about me. I thought he was a morally upright man who loved his wife and wouldn’t cheat on her but when I walked into the picture I was just too beautiful and so appealing that he couldn’t help himself. This is one of the few times that I have ever been wrong about men. He slept with me because he simply couldn’t keep it in his pants and would hump anything with a hole.

Anyway, please forgive my little rant. I had to get it off my chest, for as you know, dear diary, this is the only place I can really show who I am. My rant is about what’s been happening in my life lately. I think it’s accurate to say there is no dull moment. I have been trying to put my past behind me and focus on a clean relationship with my God-fearing and very faithful boyfriend, Anthony. I told the 2 pastors that I’d been sleeping with that we have to stop the wretchedness because I was repenting. They both seemed to have adjusted to living without the pleasures that they got from me. I was only just starting to heal from the pain of knowing that they could do without me. But to be replaced!!! Pastor E took me back a million steps in what I thought was spiritual advancement on my part. I saw him, with sister Pauline, this oldish woman who is the treasurer or church manager or whatever she is in our church. Pastor E and I just used to call her a busybody, because no one really appointed her for any position but she just used to come to church almost daily to “oversee” something or other that she found interesting. To think that he took the woman we used to laugh at behind her back is absolutely appalling. Come to think of it, are they now laughing at me behind my back? Wait, I said “now”, what if it started a long time ago during my times of storerooms sessions with Pastor E?

I should not be obsessing about this. Pastor E and I never exchanged any vows. He was cheating on his wife with me for crying buckets so why should I expect him to stay loyal to my memory. Especially since I took my services to him off the table? The sister Pauline story went like this… I should call her grandma Pauline but anyway the whole church calls her “sister”. She is a widow or whatever. All I know is that she is not married. So since I sold my car and went back to live with my parents I have been leaving work early because I have to catch the bus before the majority of people knock off. Pastor E and I used to have our storeroom sessions at around 4 but these days I would leave earlier than that. On Monday I left at around 3, as usual, and started walking towards the bus station. As I was walking, Anthony called me and said that he wanted to see me and maybe grab a bite. Well, it was Anthony, it was going to be a measley KFC or something like that so I almost gave an excuse. I then remembered that I was desperately trying to make it work with him so I decided to just walk back to work (the church) and wait for him there. I knew E would still be there, waiting for his wife to pick him up. I was a bit tensed up about going there knowing that he would be there and most people would be gone and it would probably be just the 2 of us. I was right, he was there alright, but what I didn’t count on was to see that woman sister Pauline in what used to be my place, bent over with Pastor E behind me! Not that she could properly bend with all those rolls of fat she has in place of a stomach. I had walked into the office and found it unlocked but didn’t see him. So I thought he had gone to one of the offices or houses around the courtyard of the church but then I heard the noise of a desk or table or something coming from the storeroom. I knew that sound well because the little table in there used to make the same noise when I used to lie on it face down with E jerking me back and forth. Like my days, there was no woman’s sound because E is not the kind of man who can actually make you “moan and groan” or whatever sex noises are called in R n B songs. I only used to make any kind of noises when I was broke and needed to please him so that he would be a little more generous with his payments.

I walked over to the storeroom and saw them. The door was left slightly ajar because no one ever came here around that time. True to his nature, he finished quickly before I had a chance to really assess the act. After that, I made it my mission to watch them closely and I realised that we have more brilliant actors in real life than the ones who win awards. On Sunday at church they acted all holy and spoke to each other about church business but there were other people around, including Mrs E and no one would ever have guessed what these two did in private. I then decided to sneak up on them on Monday and do what any wretched, bitter person with a cellphone does these days, I took a video of them. That’s the one I am watching now. I feel like I have found a new passion in life; stalking E and this woman. Now I am assessing all my options, I could swap one vice for another, sexual immorality for blackmail…or I could just pass it around on watsapp and shame them? I don’t know…got to weigh my options.

Till next time…