We waste too much time on the dead


I was walking from the hospital and saw that they put a graveyard right outside the hospital. Way to give the patients hope that they will get well and walk out of the hospital, right!? They have zero chill. BUT as I thought more about it I thought why the hell not? Why shouldn’t the graveyard be right outside the hospital? If a person happens to die, God forbid, but if it happens in the hospital, I don’t get why people should fly from all corners of the globe, buy and expensive casket to be transported in an expensive vintage funeral car and buy lots of food for mourners and do whatever else people do. I get the part where certain people need to get together and talk about the death and cry on each other’s shoulder and all that. I think this can be done in people’s private time without all the pomp and ceremony.

The dead are gone, what you fuss over is a mass of flesh that will decompose before you even take your black suit to the dry cleaner. This may sound a little harsh but that’s reality. I really support religions that say a person must be buried the same day that they die. I think the money for caskets that are going to be buried under dirt is better spent on the living who need it. Personally I want to be cremated because I feel we spend a lot of land on the dead when in some countries people have nowhere to live and people are fighting over land. Every time you see a graveyard imagine if it was a block of flats, how many people would it house?

If I were to be buried I’d prefer maybe to be wrapped in a sheet if there is one to spare and then be buried and people move on with their lives. Those who need something physical to look at when they think about me can just print a pic of mine from Facebook and frame it and take that out and cry their hearts out whenever they think of me. Absolutely no need to travel, burning fuel, polluting the air and spending money just to visit my grave.Take that money, buy flowers for a person who is actually living and tell them that you love the shit out of them, instead of waiting until they are dead to pile flowers on their grave. Flowers that they will never see. Flowers that will probably be stolen by those dodgy vendors by street corners who sell them for very cheap just to make money for cigarettes. By the time you get home the flowers will be gone. If your graveyard is secure they will be there until they die but so what? Who benefits from them?  Certainly not the decaying flesh and bones that you buried. So I just think if someone wants to express any to anybody do it now.

If anyone wants to express their love to me don’t worry about flowers and chocolate, I prefer cash. Ain’t nobody got time to be watering them, singing to them and cutting them. Don’t plan on coming coming to my funeral either. There is not going to be one. So show all your love now. Tomorrow is never promised to us.

If you don’t have cash you can show your love by following me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Life-Lessons-with-Chipo-Mutibvu-772737269514956/.


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