About Chipo Mutibvu


I am a Zimbabwean, born on Valentine’s day in 1982. I was raised by a single mom who didn’t have much but she knew how to “make a dollar out of 15 cents.” My 3 brothers and I never went to bed hungry and we had a good education. My views, character and personality are a result of a combination of watching a single woman hustle, being the youngest and only girl in a family of 4, being born and raised in the ghetto and being born a non-conformist.

I am a writer by profession, passion and default. By profession because it puts bacon on the table and by passion because I cannot think of anything better I’d rather spend my life doing. By default because writing chose me, I didn’t necessarily choose it. It chose me because when I was younger, I was all geared up to be a lawyer or something of that sort and I did everything I could to pursue that dream but I somehow kept being pulled into writing. When I was doing law I chose English and media and writing as electives. Over time, it seemed like my electives were destined to be my majors and I then graduated in that and enjoyed the whole experience. Studying didn’t feel like a chore anymore and that’s when I realised that I had to accept that I was to live the life of a writer. When I started working, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my career but every time I wrote a simple email at work, people admired the way I expressed myself. I ended up being the person to go to when documents and important emails were being drafted. With time, as writing with a pen faded, I developed an interest in writing online.

Thank God for my blog because this is where I managed to really tap into my talent and express my views. I then learnt about SEO, social media management and different marketing practices that make online writing more beneficial. I am now an online marketing strategist working mostly on a freelance basis.

Trivia about me

Hobbies: writing, reading, picnicking, clubbing, watching tv series and having drinks with friendschipo-mutibvu

Favourite drinks:  Hunters dry, sweet rosè, gin & tonic/dry
lemon with a tot of freshly squeezed orange juice.  Amarula at times though I sometimes find it too desserty.

Stuff that excites me: vintage cars, vintage trains, sunrises and sunsets, squirrels, money.

Stuff that ticks me off: Being forced to conform to societal expectations, people who deny that race is a big deal (it shouldn’t be, but it is), condescending people, men who feel they can grab me in the club (or anywhere for that matter),  people who leave their dog poop where on pavements/ jogging trails, not having money. Oh and slow internet!

Favourite authors: Tsitsi Dangarembga, Chenjerai Hove, Wole Soyinka, Ngugi, Danielle Steel, Chipo Mutibvu (hehe).

What I like about myself: my sense of humour, my compassion, my legs, my hair, my sense of fashion, my tenacity.

What I don’t like about myself: I’m too aware of stuff. I would have wanted to be one of those oblivious people who live life as if there is no poverty, war, racism, corruption,  and all the bad things in the world. They sleep better at night I think. I also hate my body for its inability to burn fat while I sit on the couch eating sushi, why must it insist that I diet and exercise because it loses weight?

Accomplishments and current projects

I Agust 2016 I published my first novel. It’s called Ndazofront-cover-image

Ndazo is a slang name for South Africa, that Zimbabweans use. The novel I wrote is about a young man who was raised in the lower middle class of Zimbabwe’s declining economy. He is a very bright student and the only man in his family, having been raised by a single mom and being the only son.He always had a dream that if he left Zimbabwe for tertiary education and a career as an accountant or better, he would surely lead his family out of poverty.

He completes his degree at the University of Cape Town and then realises that the dream he had, may end up just being that, a dream…

Other than writing, I am interested in seeing women in their 30s and older continue to feel relevant in today’s world where we are witnessing a lot of people achieving amazing things at a very young age. We have more PHD graduates and billionaires in many disciplines under the age of 30. Everybody says the young people are our future and a ot of resources must be invested in them but what about the 35 year old who might live to be 90 years old? Can they not contribute anything to the future? I have therefore started a project that I can 35 Plus. I have so far managed to get bursaries for a few women and am working towards making it about every aspect of our lives: dating, having children after 35, job hunting after 35, having a great social life that doesn’t just consist of husband’s friends and family. I will be updating this page about that project with time.
If you need more information about my online marketing services feel free to visit my Facbook page: https://www.facebook.com/Life-Lessons-with-Chipo-Mutibvu-772737269514956/About Chipo Mutibvu. You can simply make your inquiry in the comments section.  For only R100 / USD $7 I can write a blog post about you, your company / product or I can write a tribute to someone of your choice. I will also post all this on my Facebook page and other social media platforms.