When death is a blessing. RIP Jerika Bolen

Think about all your fears. You will notice that they all have to do with something big, permanent/ final and most of the time something that affects many people. I have been in pain for almost 2 years now. In … Continue reading

God uses what you already have to help you.

God uses what you have to help you

Whether you believe in God/the bible or not, keep on reading, there is something for you in this article.

In the bible, in 2 Kings 4 verse 1 to 7 there is a story about a widow who went to Prophet Elisha and told him that her husband’s creditors were about to take her sons into slavery because she had no money to pay them. Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?” The lady said she had nothing but a jar of olive oil and God multiplied that oil so that she had enough oil to settle her debt and some more to live on.

So, if you are a believer, think about what you want God to do for you. I am sure that one is easy and I’m sure there is a whole list of requests. Now, think about what you have that God can use to help you. Everyone has something. The widow thought she had nothing because she didn’t really think that a jar of oil would help much but that jar of oil was all God needed to help her get out of a difficult situation. I flunked out of uni and was left with nothing but my gift of words, I can talk and I can write. At the time that I found myself with no friends, family, money, opportunities, ideas and in the harshest economic climate I’d ever experienced. This gift seemed like nothing really. It took me three years to then talk and write my way out of my situation and now when I look back I realise that I did not catch a lucky break, God used the gift that He had already given me to promote me. Of course, it took a lot of knocking on the wrong doors at first, until one day, just as the widow ended up knocking on Elisha’s door; I knocked on the right ones and my gifts were put to use.

Whether you believe in God or not, you already have something that you can use to change your life for the better. If you want a job, you probably have some education or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Even if you have nothing but a little education you must have some skill. It could be doing hair and/nails, telling jokes, cleaning, an eye for fashion, an ear for music, a good singing voice, persuasion skills, fitness enthusiasm, a passion for caring for the sick, etc. No one was born with absolutely nothing that can help. The key is identifying it and knocking on the right door where you can get help to make it into something big. I know people who use their illnesses or tragedigod uses what you have to help you 2es to write books, make videos that they use to make money and help other people in similar circumstances. So if you think you have nothing but problems, finding solutions to those problems can be the solution to your whole situation. That’s how a lot of organisations are formed, someone identified a problem that needed a solution and formed an organisation that is all about solving that type of problem.

If you are still trying to figure out how to get what you want for this year and beyond, I hope this helps. Just start by thinking, “what do I have?”

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Best wishes!!!

And the Oscar goes to…jail again!

Oscar gun

Remember when you were young and you misbehaved and got punished, but then your mom decided the punishment was a little too chilled for what you had done and she punishes you again? Well I don’t know if that ever happened to Oscar Pistorius when he was young but he’s definitely getting a taste of it now. The guy was sent to the naughty corner for not playing nice with his girlfriend Reeva Stenkaamp. The State awarded him with a little 10 month vacation to the “inside”for him to check out what is going to be his home for the next decade or more. They were like, “Osy remember when we said what you did was bad? Well, we’ve thought about it some more and we decided it wasn’t just bad, it was really really really really bad. You should play nice with others. You don’t kill girls when they come to your house for a sleepover. So we are putting you back in the naughty corner so that you can think about it some more. Ok?”

This is not in any way a happy thing. No matter how long Oscar goes to jail the fact is that nothing will ever bring Reeva back. But really sending someone for less than a year for killing another person was not a good precedent, it was simply unfair. Another thing that made it worse was the fact that Oscar had been known to just whip out his gun for no reason (at a traffic stop, at a restaurant…), the argument that he felt vulnerable because of his disability didn’t hold water. He clearly showed that he just didn’t realise that guns were not toys and he is the one who scared people instead of the other way round. This is not a scared man who felt he had to protect himself and his girlfriend, this is a man who had gone on for too long doing whatever he wanted without getting into trouble for it because of his fame maybe or whatever the reason. People are going to jail for killing cats these days and he gets to walk free after killing a human being? So, even if it was an accident, he needs to take a timeout (a long timeout) and just at least feel bad, mourn her, pause his own life and interests for some years seeing as Reeva’s life and interests are permanently shut down, just really think about everything that has happened and get to spend time with other people who have done bad things intentionally or accidentally. South Africa needs to stop being the place where rich people come to kill their women and walk free.

Oscar should be happy that his conviction took place now, look at OJ, karma got him and still put him behind bars after he had unfairly escaped a murder charge. Let’s just hope that whatever sentence he gets he actually serves instead of it being suspended because of this, that and the other. Reeva’s death was not suspended, she was permanently silenced. If it had been been a burglar their life would have ended too and they would never had been given a second chance to turn their life around and be better. So Oscar will get a second chance, but after more than a decade of a timeout. It’s not a death sentence, so he should accept it just as the Steenkamps have to accept their daughter’s death.