God uses what you already have to help you.

God uses what you have to help you

Whether you believe in God/the bible or not, keep on reading, there is something for you in this article.

In the bible, in 2 Kings 4 verse 1 to 7 there is a story about a widow who went to Prophet Elisha and told him that her husband’s creditors were about to take her sons into slavery because she had no money to pay them. Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?” The lady said she had nothing but a jar of olive oil and God multiplied that oil so that she had enough oil to settle her debt and some more to live on.

So, if you are a believer, think about what you want God to do for you. I am sure that one is easy and I’m sure there is a whole list of requests. Now, think about what you have that God can use to help you. Everyone has something. The widow thought she had nothing because she didn’t really think that a jar of oil would help much but that jar of oil was all God needed to help her get out of a difficult situation. I flunked out of uni and was left with nothing but my gift of words, I can talk and I can write. At the time that I found myself with no friends, family, money, opportunities, ideas and in the harshest economic climate I’d ever experienced. This gift seemed like nothing really. It took me three years to then talk and write my way out of my situation and now when I look back I realise that I did not catch a lucky break, God used the gift that He had already given me to promote me. Of course, it took a lot of knocking on the wrong doors at first, until one day, just as the widow ended up knocking on Elisha’s door; I knocked on the right ones and my gifts were put to use.

Whether you believe in God or not, you already have something that you can use to change your life for the better. If you want a job, you probably have some education or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Even if you have nothing but a little education you must have some skill. It could be doing hair and/nails, telling jokes, cleaning, an eye for fashion, an ear for music, a good singing voice, persuasion skills, fitness enthusiasm, a passion for caring for the sick, etc. No one was born with absolutely nothing that can help. The key is identifying it and knocking on the right door where you can get help to make it into something big. I know people who use their illnesses or tragedigod uses what you have to help you 2es to write books, make videos that they use to make money and help other people in similar circumstances. So if you think you have nothing but problems, finding solutions to those problems can be the solution to your whole situation. That’s how a lot of organisations are formed, someone identified a problem that needed a solution and formed an organisation that is all about solving that type of problem.

If you are still trying to figure out how to get what you want for this year and beyond, I hope this helps. Just start by thinking, “what do I have?”

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Best wishes!!!

5 Life lessons I learnt about Christians after posting “The secret diary of a Christian whore”

Being a writer is an exciting “super power” because I spend a lot of time getting into the psyche of everyone of my characters that I write about if it’s a work of fiction. I also try to get into the mind of the potential reader and try to see what they see in their mind’s eye when they read what I write. So yesterday I posted the first entry of “The secret diary of a Christian whore.” I thoroughly enjoyed bringing all the characters to life and creating the scenes in a way that evoked different kinds of reactions. I was not completely surprised because reactions to situations is something that I watch closely daily, it gives me perspective into the way people think and it gives me more writing material. So, let me go into lessons learnt;                                                                                                                                     Secret diary of a Christian whore

  1. Fellow Christians are the first to throw you in the blasting furnace of hell before God even decides what He wants to do with you. I really “went there” in the first diary entry. I talked about the things that are an abomination and “should
    not be spoken of.” I even got someone so mad that they removed the post from a Google plus Christian community. A guy said he will remove my post and prays that “God convicts me” for my sins. My my my, that was quite the response. Of course I just laughed and explained my post to the person. I laughed because God does not act on your prayer to Him to “convict” someone. He acts according to what He sees in the person’s heart. And as Christians, should we not be praying that a person get forgiveness and guidance from God instead of conviction?
  2. Our instinct is to run away from ‘sinners’ so that they don’t ‘contaminate us’.  I put sinners in quotes because we label people before we even understand fully what’s going on. I didn’t get one message from a concerned Christian brother or sister asking me why I was committing these filthy sexual sins or asking me if, in fact, the diary was even real or a work of fiction. But even if it was real, should we not show love when we see that someone is losing their way and at least try to make them see the path of righteousness?
  3. When we share the word of God, we want sin to be neatly packaged in modest words so that no one gets upset. I get that not many people like to see or read graphic sexual material. “It’s too dirty. It’s unChrtianlike. It’s for shameless Delilahs out there who have never been taught to express themselves with decorum.” Well, guess what else is dirty? Sin. Sin is filthy and utterly disgusting. Saying to someone, “you should not let your eye stray” is neat and modest right? It does not upset those who easily get offended. It talks about sin in a very lovely way. “Don’t let your eye stray.” In my opinion, sugar-coating sin just hides the horrific nature of the actual act. We have all watched the news and they will start off by saying hundreds pf people have been left homeless by floods. It is sad, yes, but how much worse does it get when they then show images and videos of the actual destruction of the homes, and we see people crying and looked horrified. It is at that point that many are moved to do something to help because they have seen for themselves just how bad the situation is. “We really can’t put whore and Christian in the same sentence!” Are we really going to sit here and pretend that things like this don’t happen in church? This diary is graphic and it will continue to be so because sin is graphic and filthy and I believe in telling it in the disgusting way it happens. I do respect the views of those who don’t agree though.
  4. Many Christians out there who want to get right with God are too ashamed to ask for help from fellow Christians. I slept at 5 am this morning. I was chatting to someone who read my post and they told me that reading the post reminded them of the sins they have committed. They are worried about judgement day and that their prayers may not be enough. I was really touched by it. We had a lovely conversation and then actually prayed for each other. As Christians, we have become so “righteous” that we are scaring away people who may actually want to learn more about God and have a relationship with Him. When people hear our comments, it makes them feel too dirty to even face God with their sin. Where is that Christian love that opens its heart and arms to people, no matter what they have done and says to them, “It shall be well, we can pray together and let God take charge.”
  5. Ultimately, we are all just ordinary people, wanting desperately to do right but we don’t know which way to go. Yes, I have used the words of one of my favourite song. John Legend sings it well. We really are just ordinary people. All of us. No matter what positions we hold in church or in society. People sometimes become bad because they are tired of doing right and they feel like there is no reward for it or they have been told so many times that they are bad so, self-fulfilling prophesy, they just become bad. They feel being bad is easier. They don’t really have anyone to walk them through the hardships of being good. Even the ones that are “not sinning” are also just ordinary people, they also don’t know the way to behave around those that they consider “sinners.

I do welcome different types of views though. Watch this space for next week’s saucy entry #2 if you have the stomach for it. I hope you get as much edutainment as I am getting from writing it. God bless ‘yall.

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Pick your battles. 5 Reasons why you should walk away from a fight

pick your battles. Life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu

I spent most of my childhood looking at everything in black and white. I expected life to be fair therefore I fought every time I felt that I was being shortchanged. The older I got the more frustrated I got. I began to realise that life was not as black and white as I thought. Success and happiness don’t always follow the righteous and hardworking. Realising that gave me a new perspective. I stopped always expecting to see bad people suffer and I stopped always expecting to see my good deeds or intentions being rewarded. This helped me a lot even with day to day dealings with people. At work, people will not earn more than you necessarily because they work harder or are more qualified than you. The girl who gets the cutest guy may not necessarily be the cutest or the kindest. The list of examples goes on and on. With my new-found knowledge I have decided to start thinking about which battles I am going to fight and which ones I going to ignore. I cannot fight for all wrongs to be righted and not lose not only those fights but my sanity as well.

I put this lesson to the test one time when I publicly offended a girl I went to school with. Those who know me personally know that I never run out of anything to say, whether I am right or wrong. Even those who know me from reading my blog posts I’m sure by now have an idea of what I can do with words. All the same I let this girl say the worst things to me and I just apologised and left it at that. Did I feel victorious for walking away from that fight? Hell no! Not right away anyway. Looking back, this was the beginning of a life-long art of self-discipline I had just embarked on. In the past, when I did really get into it with people I would feel like “I told her” for a little while then after that I’d realise that I had just spent some minutes of my life that I’d never get back on something or someone who had absolutely no significance in my life. Sure, maybe when I was still a young girl I would have been happy walking around knowing that “people know better than to mess with me”. But now, arg, I leave that to reality tv drama queens! What it did for me back then was start huge fights and mutual friends would be forced to pick sides and sometimes I would lose some good friends over nonsense.

Here are reasons for walking away from the temptation of unnecessary arguments;

  • Understand that we see and hear things as we are not as they are. This means that people sometimes get offended NOT by what you said or did but by what they think you mean, because of who they are or what happened in their lives. For instance, you might say, “I like your curly hair” but maybe because that person was teased about that hair when they were young, all they will hear is, “your hair is kinky and ugly”. So their anger usually has nothing to do with you. Therefore, when people unnecessarily invite you to a fight, they want to let off steam on you, it’s nothing personal, so don’t take offence at what they say in anger.
  • Everything always seems bigger when it has just happened so to avoid angry exchange of words, sleep on it or give it a couple of days, then revisit the issue with a clearer perspective. Trust me, taming that bomb in your chest that threatens to explode will not kill you. Sometimes the issue will sort itself out before you even say anything and you would have just saved yourself from a lot of drama.
  • The world is full of bit**es and sons o’ bi***es that you need more than you realise. With some of these people you will just have to bite your tongue, smile and wave and then take it out on a punching bag at the gym. Putting everyone in their place may make you seem like a hero for ten seconds but it may put you in a position where you will lose a whole lot more than you bargained for. Yes, that includes that boss who always mistakes you for the cleaning lady/guy because to them you just don’t look like you are able to do anything else.  Maybe one day you will get a chance to give them a piece of your mind, but that day is not necessarily every time they piss you off.
  • You have been lied to. You don’t look cute when you are angry. Anger just makes you look nasty and sometimes it will make the guilty party look even better than you. If people see you reducing someone to shreds that does not necessarily earn you their respect. It will probably earn you their fear or they will lose any interest of being anywhere near you.
  • You will not necessarily win every battle. Getting into it and losing might be more embarrassing than just not getting into it at all and at least leaving the impression that you could have won but you are just to good to fight.

Pick your battles. Life lessons with Chipo Mutibvu

That said, I am not saying let everyone wipe the floor with you. Stand up for yourself but handle situations gracefully. Fight smart, not hard. Sometimes when you offend someone and they are soft and tactful it sends a louder message. It puts you to shame more than a person who climbs the highest table in the room and yells on top of their lungs. I remember when I was young and I did something bad and my mom sometimes would just show me that she had seen what I had done and would say nothing! Wow, that was worse than a spanking of any kind. So work at cultivating relationships. Don’t burn bridges because you might just change your mind after beating someone down, then what? Yes some people can only be loved from afar but keep those bridges intact!

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